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Managing energy usage is no easy job.  At PEPCO we design, furnish, install and support  Energy Management Systems (“EMS”) that control how and when energy is used.  We take control of the equipment that consumes energy.   Boilers, Chillers, Pumps, Fans, Air Handling Units, VAV’s, Fan Coil Units, Variable Speed Drives, etc... that are powered using Electric, Oil, Gas or Steam.  Our systems control thru a network of microprocessors programmed to meet comfort levels, production targets and financial goals as established by management.   

Our Products HEAT-COM, HEAT-MASTER,  ENERGUARD and CUSTOM  DESIGNED CONTROL Systems are powered by DELTA Controls www.deltacontrols.com, a global leader in Building Automation Systems (BAS), with many thousands of installations in more than 80 countries. Delta Controls is recognized as a market leader in the manufacture of open-protocol BAS.  

Our success is measured by our growing list of over 320 clients that own or operate a single building like 25 Central Park West to a portfolio of buildings like The KAUFMAN Organization www.kaufmanorganization.com with over 50 major commercial and multi-family properties seamlessly networked together using DELTA’s  powerful web based enteliWEB software  www.deltacontrols.com/enteliweb.   

As a CON ED Market Partner we design our jobs to capture the maximum cash rebates for our clients while delivering a complete energy control system.   At Daughters Of Jacob Nursing Home in the Bronx PEPCO designed a complete upgrade of a 75 year old pneumatic control system to new state of the art EMS.  The project cost was $510,000 and PEPCO secured a $200,000 cash rebate that resulted in a 2 year Return On Investment.  At Morningside Heights Housing Corporation PEPCO installed new ZONE VALVES that saved 182,584 therms and qualified for a $365,168 Rebate.  Since the CON ED rebate program began in 2011 PEPCO has secured over $4,000,000 in rebates.


Established 1985