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About Us

For more than 40 years PEPCO has offered dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, government and retail buildings, as well as schools, universities, hospitals, multi-family residential and commercial office buildings.

In the New York Metropolitan area market PEPCO is recognized as the leader in automated building controls because it does several things really well: 
            1. Understand and respond timely to our customer needs. 
            2. Offer simple cost effective solutions. 
            3. Utilize Wireless Controls and DELTA Controls BACnet (“Open Protocol”) technology. 
            4. Train our customers how to use the DELTA system 
            5. Service our Customer and “Do The Job Right”.

Products and services that permanently reduce electric usage 
             1. Products and Services that can respond quickly to reduce real time KW Demand 
             2. Products and Services that permanently reduce kW loads thru the installation of new LED lighting technology.   
             3. Battery Storage technology

PEPCO’s projects range from buildings as small as 2,000 square feet to more than a million square feet of high rise construction.  PEPCO’s projects range in size from $2,500 up to $1,600,000.  PEPCO works with owners or engineers to design a control solution that keeps energy operating cost to a minimum while maximizing occupant comfort. In older buildings PEPCO relies on wireless solutions to reduce installation time and costs. Using wireless solutions, PEPCO can upgrade existing control system without interfering with the occupant.       
PEPCO is controls agnostic and services all brands of controls including Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Schneider, Siemens, Automated Logic, and Allerton to name a few.  The Company has been a DELTA CONTROLS Partner ( http://www.deltacontrols.com ) since 1996 serving the Metropolitan New York and Long Island area.

PEPCO system integration includes: 
             CCTV SECURITY
PEPCO offers 24/7/365 Service and Service Contracts