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Mill Neck Manor For The Deaf

Mill Neck Manor, located on the prestigious North Shore of Long Island, is a majestic Tudor Revival mansion. It is set on an 86-acre scenic estate overlooking the Long Island Sound. The mansion, once called Sefton Manor, was owned by Robert Leftwich Dodge and his wife, the cosmetics heiress Lillian Sefton Dodge. 

In 1949, Lutheran Friends of the Deaf purchased the estate from the Dodge family and Mill Neck Manor for the Deaf was started. It  opened to 19 Deaf boys and girls and by 1956, Mill Neck Manor was fully accredited by New York State.

Today the campus is home to 12 educational buildings including the Mansion.  The Woods building is located on the campus and has its own heating plant.  Built in 1997 the heating plant was designed with 2 Cleaverbrook boilers, 2 hot water is circulating pumps and a 3 way pneumatic valve designed to divert the heated water to the building or boilers as necessary to maintain a tempered water.  

When PEPCO arrived both boilers were firing and producing a constant 180 degs of hot water. The 3 way modulating valve was failed in the full open position and the pneumatics used to modulate the valve was disconnected.  PEPCO technicians installed the HEAT-MASTER and quickly took control of the boilers and replaced the broken pneumatic actuator with a new fully modulating electronic type. The 3 way valve now regulates the water temperature to the building based on feedback from newly installed wireless RF Temperature Sensors.   PEPCO began to remotely monitor the building via the internet from its monitoring center and continued to adjust and fine tune the settings that included adding a night time, weekend and holiday setback schedule.   

Alarms and trend logs were added and when the number 1 burner failed on a quiet February weekend with little staff on campus an alarm was sent to the cell phone of the head of the maintenance department.     

After making a comparison of the fuel used in prior years vs the amount of fuel used using the PEPCO HEAT-MASTER it was amazing to see how much fuel was saved.  Taking into consideration Heating Degree Days, the building fuel usage dropped by  31% .  The cost of the HEAT-MASTER installed was $17,700 and the gallons saved the first year totaled 6,066 gals. At $2.43 per gallon the savings amounted to $14,740 and the Return On Investment  was just over 1 year.  

The HEAT-MASTER system is now being expanded to other buildings located on the campus. Soon all 12 heating plants will be networked together.  Expansion will also include Access Control, Water Leak Detection, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Sensors, Carbon Dioxide and Gas Leak Detection.  


*   Control (2) 150 hp Cleverbrook Boilers

*   Lead Lag of 2 Pump Sets

*   15 Wireless RF Space Temperature Sensors

*   Control (1) 6" Modulating Diverting Valve

*   Smart Lead Lag Burner Control 

*   Domestic Hot Water Monitored

*   OAT  from National  Weather Service 

*   Web Based 

*   Alarms sent via e-mail and texts

*   Smart Phone App

*   Historical Trending