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Demand Response And Load Curtailmant


"The NYC Electric Grid" is one of the oldest in the country.  Demand for electricity increases as new buildings are built. Recent summer months we have seen record high temperatures resulting in record high peak electric demand caused mainly by Air Conditioning.  PEPCO designs controls systems that will reduce a buildings electric demand by regulating and controlling Air Conditioning ( PTAC, Window Units, Chillers and Cooling Towers, Pumps, Fans, Lights, etc. ) to lower the Demand and permanently Curtail electric usage.

PEPCO is a CON ED Market Partner since 2011.  PEPCO will design,  engineer and implement a Electric Demand Side Solution to reduce electric costs and demand.  Control solutions include Real-Time Electric Metering, Soft Start, Sequential Start, Time Of Day, Load Shedding and Analytics using COPPERTREE ANALYTICS.http://www.coppertreeanalytics.com/