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Heat Com

The HEAT-COM is designed for a large home, small office building, library, church, school, small apartment building, etc...  The system ships direct from the factory fully pre-programmed and includes 3 web graphics and 1 year free monitoring.  Alarms like Burner Failure, Pump Failure, Low Water Cut Off and High Stack Temperature are sent to your Smart Phone or PC.  All that's needed is an Internet Connection. PEPCO's factory trained installation team can complete an installation in less than 1 day.

System Sensors Include:

Burner On Off Status  

Burner Start Stop Command

Pump  On Off Status 

Pump Start Stop Command

Domestic Hot Water Temperature 

Boiler Aquastat Sensor  

Hot Water Supply Sensor (Strap-On)  

Hot Water Return Sensor (Strap-On)

Stack Temperature Sensor

Condensate Return Temperature

Steam Pressure

Make Up Water Meter

Low Water Cut Off

Flame Failure

Water Leak Detector ( Wireless )

Carbon Monoxide Detector (Wireless)

Combustible Gas Sensor

Variable Speed Drive Control

Hard Wired Temperature Sensor(1)

Wireless Temperature Sensor