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The ENERGUARD™ is a complete heating control system designed for large multi-story commercial office buildings, large multi-family residential apartment campuses or portfolio manager that requires access to multiple buildings using a web browser.  The ENERGUARD™ system can be customized for any heating control application. Boilers, Pumps, Fans, Vacuum Steam and/or Modulating Zone Valves are monitored and controlled from the ENERGUARD™.   Wireless space temperature sensors strategically located through-out the building provide direct feedback to the ENERGUARD™ which cycles the burners, pumps and fans On and Off or Modulates Zone Valves to Open or Close as needed to maintain desired space temperatures. Multiple daytime set-up and night time setback temperatures are user programmed to deliver heating or only when needed. 


The ENERGUARD™ provides Burner Start-Stop, Burner Fuel/Air Modulation and Burner Lead - Lag control of single or multiple burners. The lead burner  is rotated (alternately, daily, weekly, monthly) as needed to evenly distribute runtime. If the lead boiler cannot keep pace with the load, or fails to operate the lag Boiler is commanded on. Modulation of the Burner Fuel Valve replaces the need of the L-91 Control. 


The heating plant and building temperatures can be monitored and controlled by connecting to the ENERGUARD™ or multiple ENERGUARDS™  using a standard web browser such as EXPLORER.  Multiple buildings can be monitored from a single web based graphic.  Temperature Set Points, Lead/Lag Adjustments, Heating Enable / Disable, Alarms and Historical Trends can be viewed and changed from easy to use color graphic screens. 


*   Reduces Fuel Cost Up To 50% 

*   Typical Payback 1 to 2 years

*   Single or Multiple Zone Valve Control

*   Web Browser

*   Extends Equipment Life and Reduces Runtime

*   Works On Steam, Vacuum or Hot Water Systems

*   Oil, Gas & Electric

*   Historical Trends 

*   Password Protected

*   Alarms

*   Vacuum Heating Control



*    Wireless Temperature Sensors RF 900 MHz 

*    Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

*    Domestic Hot Water Temperature Sensor

*    Coil Water Temperature Sensor

*    Condensate Return Temperature Sensor

*    Stack Temperature Sensor 

*    Make-Up Water Meter 

*    Burner On-Off Status

*    Burner or Valve Start / Stop Relay

*    Multiple Zone Valve Control

*    Weather Station (Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, RH%) 

*    Heat Override Button

*    Panel Indicating Lights

*    7" Panel Mounted LCD Display 

*    Hand Auto Off (HO A ) 

*    Winter - Summer Switch

*    Boiler Efficiency Calculation

*    On-Site Degree Day Reporting

*    Boiler Blow Down Indicator 


*    Large Multi-Family Residential Apartment Buildings

*    Large Coops and Condos

*    Commercial Office Buildings 

*    Schools and School Districts

*    Colleges and University Campuses   

*    Retail Stores

*    Ski Lodges and Resorts

*    Hotels and Motels

*    New Construction

*    Remotely Monitored and Operated Facilities