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Phone : 631-940-1030
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PEPCO PLANT-MASTER is a complete plant control system that includes the following features:

  • Smart Multi-boiler Lead-Lag Control System
  • Vacuum Steam Systems
  • Multi-Pump Lead Lag Control System 
  • VSD Regulation and Control
  • WEB Based Color Graphics
  • LMV5 Integration
  • Burner Fuel Valve Modulation 
  • Zone Valve Control
  • Stack Temperature  /  O2 Monitoring w/Trim
  • Steam Pressure
  • Condensate Meter and Temperature
  • Panel Mounted Color LED Display
  • Historical Tending
  • Alarms Management ( to smartphone via text or e-mail)
  • Blowdown Alarm 
  • Low Water Cut Off Alarm
  • Flame Failure Alarm
  • Make-Up Water Meter
  • Metering and Submetering (Electric, Steam, Hot/Cold Water, Gas and BTU Metering)
  • Chiller / Absorber Monitoring and Control
  • Cooling Tower Monitoring and Control
  • CO-GEN Plant Monitoring and Control
  • Management Operating Reports ( Runtimes, Cycles)
  • All Sensors, Relays and Transmitters
  • CAD Point To Point Wiring Diagrams
  • PID Loop Control