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Demand Side Management (dsm)


•Demand Response: PEPCO will implement a reactive or preventative method to reduce, flatten or shift peak demand. Demand Response includes all intentional modifications to consumption patterns of electricity by our customer that are intended to alter the timing, level of instantaneous demand, or the total electricity consumption.

•Dynamic Demand: PEPCO programming will monitor and regulate the HVAC to delay the operating cycles by a few seconds to increase the Diversity factor of the set of loads. The concept is that by monitoring the real time Kw demand, concurrent with usage, individual, intermittent loads would switch on or off at optimal moments to balance the overall system load with the supply of power, reducing critical power mismatches. As this switching would only advance or delay the HVAC operating cycle by a few seconds, it would be unnoticeable to the end user.

•Optimum Start / Stop: When a setback schedule is in effect, the building experiences delays in dropping down its temperature at the beginning of the setback period, and increasing its temperature at the end of the setback period. The Optimum Start / Stop function learns the response of the system in order to calculate a start time for the heating/cooling so that the building is warmed/cooled up when the occupied period begins. The Optimum Start / Stop function increases the efficiency of the system and provides more comfort.

•Soft Start or Staggered Start : This is a program designed to prevent the AHU’s from all starting at the same time.  The AHU’s will be started sequentially at staged intervals to prevent a surge.