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Pepco Heating Control Systems

As a DELTA Controls Partner, PEPCO has engineered and designed several products for heating and cooling plant control that qualify for CASH REBATES from CON ED and NYSERDA.  As a CON ED Market Partner prospective PEPCO customers can receive up to 70% CASH  rebate toward the purchase price of a PEPCO system.   In heating plants, PEPCO systems typically exceed 20% Gas Savings thus qualifying for $3.00 rebate for each therm of gas saved.

CON ED Link to Energy Rebates


PEPCO PRODUCTS incorporate  

  1. HEAT-COM - Designed for large home, small office building, small apartment building
  2. HEAT-MASTER - Designed for Multi-Family apartment building under 200 units, buildings over 50,000 sq feet
  3. ENERGUARD - Designed for large heating plants, Multi-Family apartment buildings over 200 units
  4. ZONE VALVES - Balance Heat Distribution
  5. PLANT-MASTER - Multi-boiler Lead-Lag Control System, Vacuum Steam Systems, Central Heating Plants,