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Wifi Enocean Room Controller

 The room of the future is here today and at very affordable prices.

PEPCO wireless products provide seamless control integration by combining DELTA's Integrated Room Control ("IRC") with ECHO-FLEX  wireless technology.  PEPCO provides a TURNKEY SOLUTIONS for control of A/C's, Heat ( Hot Water or Electric)  Dishwasher, etc... via WiFi wall thermostat with ENOCEAN embedded technology.  Best of all these solutions qualify for cash rebates in both DELAND RESPONSE and DEMAND ENABLEMENT as well as permanent load reduction. 

SEE NEW DELTA   eZNTW-W iFi w/ENOCEAN  embedded technology

Contact PEPCO's sales department for a free no obligation price quote and find out how much of a Rebate you qualify for.

DELTA'S Wireless BACnet interface CON-ENOC




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