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Deer Park, NY 11729,

Phone : 631-940-1030
Email : info@pepcocontrols.com

Service & Service Contracts

PEPCO provides FULL SERVICE and SERVICE CONTRACTS  that Includes Remote Services, Alarms, Virtual Engineer and On-Site Visits 


  • PEPCO will provide 24 / 7/ 365 online telephone support to assist your operators with the control system and settings.  
  • The telephone support phone number  631-940-9880.  
  • We maintain a log of USER NAMES  and PASSWORDS as directed by Clients. As Client staff changes,  gets relocated or positions change, PEPCO will permit or deny access to designated personnel.


  • PEPCO alarms include Critical Alarms, Priority Alarms and Routine Alarms sent to clients via E-Mail or Text. 
  • PEPCO will test each alarm one time per year at the start of the contract period to confirm proper operation.

VIRTUAL ENGINEER:   On-Line Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

  • PEPCO Engineers will periodically log on to your system. 
  • Our engineers will remotely examine the system for overall operating efficiency.
  • Based on operating conditions they will discuss adjustments and changes to control settings to improve overall efficiency and space temperatures to achieve optimum occupant comfort while maximizing energy savings. 
  • Depending on the equipment and sensors installed in your facility, PEPCO will monitor the HVAC equipment for:
  • Summer/Winter Operation 
  • Daily equipment On/Off Cycles, Short Cycling,  Runtime, Alarms, Bypass
  • Occupied and Unoccupied Time Schedules.
  • Supply and Return Temperatures,  Stack Temperatures, Steam Pressure, Condensate Return Temperature.
  • Electric Meter, Make Up, Condensate, City Water Meters.   
  • Flame Failure , Blowdown and Low Water Conditions
  • Building Temperatures and Domestic Hot Water Temperature
  • Any Failed Temperature Sensors, Valves, Actuators, Sensor Relays, etc...
  • We will discuss our findings with your management team to correct or repair any noticeable deficiencies. 


  • PEPCO will provide immediate service via remote log-in connection when requested.
  • On-Site Field Service for emergencies shall typically be within one business day for any emergency. 
  • PEPCO shall provide on-site field service Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Any On-Site Service Calls will be determined by Client Staff and PEPCO.
  • PEPCO will require authorization in the form of an e-mail prior to dispatching a Tech.

100% PARTS and LABOR

  • We will repair or replace microprocessor, sensor or end device furnished and installed by us under our original agreement at no cost,  provided that the failure is the result of normal usage and not the result of misuse, vandalism, fire, water, electrical power surge, electrical problems,  lightening, brownout or an "Act of God".